HP renews TWLG receives MPAS classification

January 21st, 2013

Only 70 dealers across the country have earned HP’s most coveted “Managed Print Advanced Specialist” (MPAS) classification and TWLG couldn’t be prouder that once again we met all the requirements in training and performance to achieve this title.

The HP MPAS partner title guarantees that we have and will continue to uphold the highest standards of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, backed by HP’s full support and resources. This includes rigorous training in document technology standards and multivendor device environments, combined with in-depth business insights and practical experience. Our partnership will help you assess, manage and improve your imaging and printing environment to meet simple to complex business needs.

The Weeks Lerman Group has been partnered with HP for over 30 years and together we will continue to offer our customers cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions to meet their unique business needs.



TWLG Shout Out Awards

January 14th, 2013

More than 30 “Employee Shout Outs” and awards have been presented to some of the fabulous members of the TWLG team since its inception mid-2012. Everyone at TWLG expects that more and more Shout Outs are on the way in 2013 as the most knowledgeable, dedicated and customer oriented customer care team undertakes new and intense CRM training to become even bigger assets to our valued clients.

Go Team Weeks Lerman!

TWLG Sales Awards

January 10th, 2013

22 of  TWLG’s elite and key Strategic Account Specialists / Executives received achievement awards for the year ending 2012! These exceptional Account Specialists were awarded plaques and prizes by our principals for achieving outstanding performance in 2012. During these challenging times, these exceptional Account Specialists uncovered ways to help their customer partners find creative business solutions to help their business move forward. Congratulations to all the recipients and we look forward to acknowledging even more executives in 2013!



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