Had a tough day? Watch Operation Backpack Public Service Announcement featuring Kevin Bacon.

July 24th, 2014

Every year, thousands of children rely on Volunteers of America – Greater New York’s Operation Backpack in order to go to school prepared. Operation Backpack provides backpacks filled with grade-specific school supplies to children living in New York City’s homeless and domestic violence shelters. Last year, they responded to more than 16,100 backpack requests.

So far, Volunteers of America received 18,500 requests from shelters and they’re still coming in. The Weeks Lerman Group has been a platinum partner to VOA’s Operation Backpack since 2011, helping with fundraising and volunteering. As the word about this worthy cause has gotten out, more and more local businesses and individuals started to get involved… most recently, Kevin Bacon.

Anyone can have a tough day, even Kevin Bacon. Watch him talk about the first day of school for a homeless child, and how you can make that day better: Tough Day

Help Support Operation Backpack Campaign

June 26th, 2014

More than 22,000 children live in NYC’s homeless and domestic violence shelters. One of the most devastating consequences of homelessness is the impact it has on a child’s education.

Each year since 2001, Volunteers of America-Greater New York has been distributing new backpacks filled with grade-specific school supplies to homeless children throughout New York City. A filled backpack relieves parents of a financial burden and provides a sense of normalcy to the otherwise chaotic lives of these children, helping them to look and feel more like their classmates.

Most importantly, a filled backpack allows these children to start the school year feeling prepared and confident, with the knowledge that their education is important and that someone believes in them.

The Weeks Lerman Group has been a platinum sponsor to VOA’s Operation Backpack since 2011. Our support doesn’t stop at fundraising. After all the donations are received and backpack contents are purchased, 60-70 members of the TWLG family donate their time to participate in sort week and assemble the backpacks for these children so VOA can distribute them to shelters and domestic violence safe houses all around New York before the start of the school year.

This year, Operation Backpack campaign has gotten off to a strong start, thanks to generous contributions from numerous community members, organizations, and individuals. Even stars like Kevin Bacon lent his celebrity status to help spread awareness about the campaign in a series of Public Service Announcements.

With the help of CrowdRise, an  online platform for raising money for various causes, Volunteers of America has raised over $46,000 to date for Operation Backpack. If you’d like to help and donate, Weeks Lerman has created our own fundraiser to benefit the cause. Share this link and spread the word, or you can create your own fundraiser and help raise awareness and funds for so many children that desperately need our help.

Winners Announced: 2013 Emerald Award for Sustainability

February 5th, 2014

This December, Emerald Brand honored four clients with the first annual Emerald Award for Sustainability. The award is presented to companies that have made remarkable achievements in sustainable practices. Individual awards were given to leaders in the following industries: Distribution Channel, Industrial Facilities, On-Site Food Service Operations, and the Hospitality Sector.

“We are proud to recognize forward-thinking professionals who have made a real difference this year,” says Ralph Bianculli, Jr., Vice President of Emerald Brand. “Their commitment to preserving the environment has been exceptional. We anticipate a growing awareness amongst progressive businesses, leading to increased action toward reducing their carbon footprint.”

This year’s winners included The Weeks Lerman Group (Distribution), Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry (Facilities), Citi (Food Service), and WNW Hospitality Group (Hospitality).  Collectively, the winners of this year’s Emerald Awards saved 2,564 trees, 301,683 pounds of virgin fiber, 534,095 pounds of landfill waste, 806,210 gallons of water, and 87,411 pounds of plastic material.

Third Annual New York Productivity Show – The Sandy Factor

January 24th, 2013

The Weeks Lerman Group’s annual productivity show may have been postponed by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy but – in the true spirit of New Yorkers everywhere – TWLG is committed to responding with a bigger & better show and a larger audience!

Our 3rd Annual TWLG productivity show will take place on Thursday, March 14th.  Our venue will once again be held at the upscale Eventi Hotel located in N.Y.’s historic Chelsea. Much like TWLG, the Eventi caters to a well-informed and discerning clientele. The Eventi is an experience as much as a destination.

TWLG will be presenting new and innovative offerings and programs at this show as well as introducing our newest partner, the Xerox Corporation, who will be joining the long list of longstanding manufacturer and vendor partners like HP, 3M, Hammermill, United Stationers/Universal and many more!

This event that will guarantee to educate and inform all attendees.

Launch of new web site

January 23rd, 2013

TWLG is poised to launch its new web page in February, 2013. Designed to provide a more compelling end user experience, TWLG partners can expect access to our complete line of categories and offerings presented in an easier to navigate, more impactful and detailed layout.

We have also updated our content for TWLG and customer proprietary items and integrated new search functionality into the site as well.

We’re not done yet. In the near future we look forward to the integration of online end user surveys, feedback forums and links to social media that will provide us with more information to better serve our valued end users!

The Weeks Lerman Group named Xerox Authorized Channel Platinum Partner

January 22nd, 2013

We are proud to announce that The Weeks Lerman Group has earned the coveted authorized Channel Platinum Partner with Xerox.

With this certification comes the ability to present our customers with aggressive pricing on products and services to serve virtually all your print requirements.

Included in this vast product line is a wide variety of desktop printers to high volume color floor standing multifunction products.

And products are only the beginning –  customers who take advantage of programs like the Xerox trade-in, Education as well as the program for the Federal Government purchases will now have access to opportunities to meet and exceed sustainability goals and objectives while reaping the benefits and savings as well. This new partnership and solutions have the potential to reduce your document-related costs – print, copy, scan and fax – up to 30% or more!

We look forward to discussing how exclusive advantages from The Weeks Lerman Group and Xerox can help you meet your business goals in areas like cost reduction, growth, productivity and sustainability.

HP renews TWLG receives MPAS classification

January 21st, 2013

Only 70 dealers across the country have earned HP’s most coveted “Managed Print Advanced Specialist” (MPAS) classification and TWLG couldn’t be prouder that once again we met all the requirements in training and performance to achieve this title.

The HP MPAS partner title guarantees that we have and will continue to uphold the highest standards of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, backed by HP’s full support and resources. This includes rigorous training in document technology standards and multivendor device environments, combined with in-depth business insights and practical experience. Our partnership will help you assess, manage and improve your imaging and printing environment to meet simple to complex business needs.

The Weeks Lerman Group has been partnered with HP for over 30 years and together we will continue to offer our customers cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions to meet their unique business needs.



TWLG Shout Out Awards

January 14th, 2013

More than 30 “Employee Shout Outs” and awards have been presented to some of the fabulous members of the TWLG team since its inception mid-2012. Everyone at TWLG expects that more and more Shout Outs are on the way in 2013 as the most knowledgeable, dedicated and customer oriented customer care team undertakes new and intense CRM training to become even bigger assets to our valued clients.

Go Team Weeks Lerman!

TWLG Sales Awards

January 10th, 2013

22 of  TWLG’s elite and key Strategic Account Specialists / Executives received achievement awards for the year ending 2012! These exceptional Account Specialists were awarded plaques and prizes by our principals for achieving outstanding performance in 2012. During these challenging times, these exceptional Account Specialists uncovered ways to help their customer partners find creative business solutions to help their business move forward. Congratulations to all the recipients and we look forward to acknowledging even more executives in 2013!



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